House prices in Slovakia continue to rise strongly, with demand buoyed by low interest rates and robust economic growth.

While buildings in the Slovakian capital rise higher and higher, price growth for real estate in Slovakia recently underperformed, at least compared to many other countries of the dynamically-expanding CEE-region.  

Compared to Vienna, which is located just 80 kilometers west of Bratislava, the Slovakian capital as well offers relatively attractive yields for investors. While average prices are only roughly half of the Viennese level, rents are somewhat closer together. This can be attributed to several factors, ranging from an underdeveloped rental market in Bratislava – structurally Slovakia has one of the highest home ownership rates in the European Union – to publicly driven deflated rents in Vienna. While Vienna and Bratislava are already the closest capital cities in Europe, the extension of the railway connection in the North of Vienna will bring the cities even closer together, leading to a reduction in commuting time to only 40 minutes and likely better integrating both real estate markets.

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